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Inspiring Visual Content for all ages beyond targeted audience

High Quality Reactive Fun Factor Visual Publications

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Affordable to all businesses

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Enter The Web3D Era
From printing to TV, email to social media, we are the first generation in Rich-Media technology.
Enter The Web3D Era
From printing to TV, email to social media, we are the first generation in Rich-Media technology.
What is Web 3D
It is the same technology that enables VR (virtual reality) & AR (augmented reality) without additional app installation.

Visual Content Marketing
Deliver promotion messages in a fun way that does not annoy the audience so that people are willing to subscribe & share, it is a “visual refreshment” to bolster connection and nurture potential with enjoyable content.
People Marketing
Despite all the targeting tools, trying to reach the right customer at the right time is gambling with luck & chances, you need good content to reach potential from the masses with Organic Redistribution.

Feel good element
Web3D is like science fiction beyond reality from movies, video games to the web at the touch of your fingertips, the technology is already in the web browser.
Ordinary Ad
Make 1 use once
No wow factor
Narrow target
Feel Good Ad
Make a few use forever
Wao & Fun factor
Wide audience
Why Now
Because quick & easy graphic design with photo/video is a 20-year-old technique, Rich-Media opens a whole new immersive experience, only a handful of professionals can harness the best visual presentation of the century which is a big deal.

Amplify Imaginations
Think outside the Box with visualization that makes dreams come true because a great image speaks a thousand words, videos speak a million words, 3D needs no words to invoke thoughts that inspire ideas and transpire actions.

Beautiful Imageries
Marketing content should be entertaining because a pleasant moment is the best time to spend money, the continuous feel-good factor can build brand & product recognition and foster connectivity because people tend to buy from familiarity, however, rigorous Ad posting is not the solution, the quality publication is.
Wide Audience
Often, we buy things recommended by friends because they know what we like, social media platforms deliver your ads without people searching for them but 90% are wasted if no one willing to share or talk about it.

Each issue is priced differently based on the amount of work estimated at the cost of one day salary and professional level, you provide us the Ad for compilation and then promote it on your own channel. The link validity is 30 days, renewable at only 30% cost, you can change your landing page content but we reserve the right to terminate if found to be a fraudulent website.

The Publication
It is in HTML5 web standard which can only be open from hosting facility, the mobile version load first and can choose to view desktop version at higher quality, Ad image should not be a product to achieve higher click-through rate.
Wao Factor
The missing element
Into the new frontier
Who am I to talk about the new frontier you ask? In any society, artists are the minority who can draw, paint and sculpt, we document the world long before the invention of the camera which renders us worthless in modern days, we are the human photocopy machines who take weeks to produce a masterpiece.

With this technology, we are the visualizer who will use 3D software to create virtual worlds, video games, and sci-fi movies thanks to the physics engine, all the creations are artist's impressions until Artificial Intelligence takes over. After that, it won't matter to those living today.
Why no one is doing it?
Because, very few 3D artists can complete the entire production, usually comprised of a few individuals from, geometry modeling, material texturing, lighting, and skeletal rigging to animating... It is a time-consuming process, hence expensive. It took me 20 years to reach a proficient level, every publication is like a mini-movie production.

It takes a great deal of effort and very few in the talent pool can do the job, like people do not demand for the smartphone until it is made. After 10 years of preparations, I am still the only person to do it.
What happened in the past 20 years?
People began to use eCommerce and social media publicity where businesses enjoy steady growth with simple graphics and videos to live streaming, however, the trend is overused today, Graphic-Web-Multimedia Designer cannot offer better services because the next level involves technology beyond ordinary design skills.

Much like the pop songs of the 80s-90s, all that can be sung has reached the limit in the year 2000. Similarly, 2D multimedia too has reached its tipping point and Web3D  emerged because of expectable improvement.
3D since 2001
There was much 3D software but only a few survive today, one of them made a great improvement a few years ago and became the most popular free software called The reason you may not hear of Blender3D is that branded software dominated art schools to prevent students from using alternative programs and most production studios were using their software from the beginning.

Nonetheless, Blender3D will become mainstream in due time with the support from video game engine, Facebook, Microsoft and others...
Ride the winds of change
We live in the era of multiple technological revolutions from black & white TV to flat-screen, negative film to digital camera, art materials to software, smartphone to 3D printing, and the next big leap is 2D to 3D.

Before VR & AR which is still far away, WebXR will gradually replace mobile apps except for video games and services that rely on device security. More competitors will flood the market with the same tools, same techniques.

Unless your business is better at a small scale and won't make a difference with technological advancement, then perhaps you are safe. If not, you have a chance to do something before it is too late.
Why visual refreshment?
The world is fast running out of good content after many years of social media and the rise of TikTok is the evidence to see people do silly things. Now, combine photography, video-game, and movie production is the new 3-in-1 wow factor technology that is exclusive to the highly skilled creators.

At this juncture, we are limited by mobile devices, desktop computers can view higher resolution with certain effects too heavy for mobile browsers.

A universal subject can reach far and wide, no matter which target audience you choose, the big companies can always custom made the content to promote a specific product, small companies just ride along with pre-created content.