What is happening now?

Into the new frontier
Who am I to talk about the new frontier you ask? In any society, artists are the minority who can draw, paint and sculpt, we document the world long before the invention of the camera that renders us worthless in modern days, we are the human photocopy machines who take weeks to produce a masterpiece.

With this technology, we are the visualizer who will use 3D software to create virtual worlds, video games, and sci-fi movies thanks to the physics engine, all the creations are artist's impressions until Artificial Intelligence takes over. After that, it won't matter to those living today.
Why so few 3D animated Ads?
Because, very few 3D artists can complete the entire production, usually comprised of a few individuals from, geometry modeling, material texturing, lighting, and skeletal rigging to animating... It is a time-consuming process, hence expensive. It took me 20 years to reach a proficient level, but the advertising industry only hires solicited production studios.

It takes a longer time to create 3D animations despite very few in the talent pool who can do the job, also no consistent job flow that prompted the need to find a solution that can solve Marketing and production problems.

Where were you 20 years ago?

What happened in the past 20 years?
People began to use eCommerce and social media publicity where businesses enjoy steady growth with simple graphics and videos to live streaming, however, the trend is overused today, designers with only 2-3 years of working experience cannot offer better idea because the next level involve technology and broader skills, not just Graphics.

Much like the pop songs of the 80s-90s, all that can be sung has reached the limit in year 2000. Similarly, 2D multimedia website too has reached its tipping point and Web3D has emerged.
3D since 2001
There were a few 3D software but only two survive today, one of them made a great improvement a few years ago and became the most popular free software called Blender.org. The reason you may not hear of Blender3D is because branded software dominated art schools to prevent students from using alternative programs and most production studios were using theirs from the beginning.

Nonetheless, Blender3D will become mainstream in due time with the support from video game engine, Facebook, Microsoft and others...

Advertising agencies are flawed!

What is missing in marketing & advertising?
Visual wow factor! Can you remember the Ads that wow and how often you see such an Ad? Have you tried all the social media and online publicity schemes? Their success stories are not repeatable and all will fail due to circumstantial randomness, the only way is to continue to spend on Ads.

You cannot think outside the box from a 2D perspective when the box is 3D. Most ideas have been explored and overused... The least competent are the majority and they become the trend.

In order to break this unhealthy scenario, talented creators turn to Patreon or crowdfunding that sells direct to the audience, they exist because there is a need, and too bad if you are the middle person where globalization does not need.
Worthy publications not just Ads.
"Pleasant moment is the best time to spend money", but you don't have to make a funny Ad by embedding it into enjoyable publications that can reach more people via human network, after the initial Ad, people can share something worthy to talk about.

Evergreen publications can nurture potential into customers at an affordable cost in a span of time, where straight-forwarded Ads can only try to reach the right customer at the right time.

Before you reach out, is your product presentation better than ordinary? You cannot make a difference with the same technique but chances are, you do not know who can do better and rely on just the Graphic Designer or advertising company.

The dawn of a new era!

Ride the winds of change
We live in the era of multiple technological revolutions from black & white TV to flat-screen, negative film to digital camera, art materials to software, smartphone to 3D printing, and the next big leap is 2D to 3D.

Before VR & AR which is still far away, WebXR will gradually replace mobile apps except for video games and services that rely on device security. More competitors will flood the market with the same tools, same techniques.

Unless your business is better at a small scale and won't make a difference with technological advancement, then perhaps you are safe. If not, you have a chance to do something before it is too late.
Why visual refreshment?
The world is fast running out of good content after many years of social media and the rise of TikTok is the evidence to see people do silly things. Now, Combine photography, video-game, and movie production is the new 3-in-1 wow factor technology that is exclusive to the highly skilled creators.

At this juncture, we are limited by mobile devices, desktop computers can view higher resolution with certain effects too heavy for mobile browsers.

A universal subject can reach far and wide, no matter which target audience you choose, the big companies can always custom made the content to promote a specific product.