More Than Just Image & Video
Analogue phase:
"Picture speaks louder than words"

Digital phase:
"video speaks a million words"

Virtual phase:
"3D need no words"
2D to 3D
We have come to the turning point of digital technology, now, you can fly in virtual space no longer scrolling up & down only. Your products can be photo, video or build into 3D resemblance and change appearance with a click, zoom, rotate and move to another room.
3D navigation is the new wow factor, your advertisement can be fun and intriguing at a higher level than the ordinary. It is an add-on to your existing marketing campaign from a landing page to a series of publications or from photos to immersive 3D catalogue.
Contrary to video, web animation is interactive from 2D to 360° in one interface that replaces image slider, and even includes videos or renders the animation into video. Welcome to Rich-Media web standard beyond multimedia.