Analogue phase:
"Picture speaks louder than words"

Digital phase:
"video speaks a million words"

Virtual phase:
"3D need no words"
More Than Just Image & Video
2D to 3D
We have come to the turning point of digital technology, now, you can fly in virtual space no longer scrolling up & down only. Your products can be photo, video or build into 3D resemblance and change appearance with a click, zoom, rotate and move to another room.
3D navigation is the new wow factor, your advertisement can be fun and intriguing at a higher level than the ordinary. It is an add-on to your existing marketing campaign from a landing page to a series of publications or from photos to immersive 3D catalogue.
Contrary to video, web animation is interactive from 2D to 360° in one interface that replaces image slider, and even includes videos or renders the animation into video. Welcome to Rich-Media web standard beyond multimedia.
Transform Your Existing Materials
Upgrade your Advertisement into 2.5D animation with photos and graphic you already have.
Interactive Landing Page
Convert 2D into 3D, you get both video and also interactive landing-page, mix in photo & video with user triggered transitions. Unlike video, the animation can auto play.
Build 3D Model
See your product in all angles with feature highlights, cross sections or functions and place into 360 virtual environment best for product demo and walkthrough, this portable speaker took 7 days (3D scanning is unsuitable because it is too heavy).
Create Animation
Animate your brand name or present your product in animation, if the product packaging is not a unique advantage, creative presentation can reach all walks of lives beyond your target audience.
Advertise in Evergreen Publications
Visual refreshment for all ages that carries your advertisement to reach the potentials through organic re-distribution rather than explicit targeting alone, similar to TV commercials where people enjoy the movie sponsored by Ads.
Make Ads interesting with enjoyable publications.
Enjoyable contents are not in line with any products because it is either entertainment or education, the animated commercial is too expensive for most businesses and the alternative is to ride on independent publications, by interjecting or embed Ads into web publications.
Web Commercial
Introducing the next wow factor on the internet, multimedia has entered into WebXR standard where image, video, and animation combined in a single interface. Web app that will gradually replace mobile app without pre-installation, this technology will re-publish all kinds of content from science to fiction, education to entertainment, VR & AR in one package.
Public Project
This 3D file is made free of charge at
Rendered into Animation
As you can see, 3D can deliver image-video-web in a single production.