Philip Fong
I have 31 years of working experience, a multi-disciplined professional in Malaysia who can draw-paint-sculpt and embraced digital production all the way to 3D imaging.
The Beginning
I started drawing at 11 years old after seeing my classmate who can draw after he attended an external art lesson, I was fascinated by it and hooked. A few years later, we went to separate schools and met in an art competition in which I won the second prize but he didn't.
At the same time, a new classmate shocked me with his realistic poster colour illustration skills. So, I am determined to find out if I too can reach that level and a few years later, I can do even better and into airbrushing at age 16.
The portraits in the image wall are my skill level at age 19 and the "Han Solo" Harrison Ford portrait is a test that got me into the commercial art business, back then, we are known as hyper-realistic Illustrator where Japanese Artists are very famous in.
Unfortunately, manual skills with art materials have reached the end of their commercial value before the Asian economic crisis in 1997, and the rise of Graphic Design with Photoshop software. I did not know what was going on and left the advertising industry.
After that, I got a job as an Art lecturer in two separate colleges teaching related subjects even without a diploma, lucky for me in the analogue to digital transition era, the restrictions only came after I left about 3 years later and moved into miniature sculpturing.
New to the trait from Plaster of Paris to quick-set cement and developed a few shatter-resistant acrylics to polyvinyl coating, I created my own fabrication process and sell at the roadside and to souvenir shops but cannot generate income to survive.
Children's Book
At Age 31, a children book publisher offers me the last available job as an illustrator and I learn to use the computer from the book called "Professional Photoshop 5", it blew my mind, so I began to pick up the pieces and bought more books on 3D CGI. I cannot afford the internet back then and there weren't enough tutorials anyway, I visit the cyber-café once a week.
I borrow money from my sister and bought a Pentium-3 that was barely capable to run 3D software, one software "Hash Animation;Master" stood out with all the features I need and was cheap enough for my employer. After that, I converted 12 storybooks into 3D and another project for a different publisher after 10 years, that is all the jobs I can get.
3D software
After 4.5 years, I move to multimedia knowing there is no future in Children's books where the rise of social media demand for graphic designers, at this juncture, both the hardware & software are still not desirable for home computers to run 3D programs.
I had to upgrade a few times throughout 10 years, no choice, and graphic software are very expensive because of our low currency value, took a few years to pay off the debt, people ask why I don't use pirated copies. Integrity aside, pirated copies are marketing tricks...
Graphic Design
Upon reaching my 40s, I have done multimedia and web design but came the software technology bubble, throwing away the old books and software I invested with all my savings and years of hardships,  damn!  Wasted another ten years, this is what I get for following my passion. Hard to remain positive in such conditions that broke my marriage in 2006.
I was unable to compete for jobs meant for youngsters and ask for freelance to short term projects, I ended up doing more work for the same amount of salary just to survive because businesses only want quantity with good enough quality, they ask for 80% efforts but demand 100% of my time.
At age 51, I am eligible to withdraw a small portion from my retirement account and I spent it on camera equipment, I acquired photography knowledge from the negative film era, and coupled with my advanced digital imaging knowledge, I am now a full-service advertising production person a.k.a multi-task designer (many people mistook it as multimedia).
Most people don't believe one person can do so many things and be good at it, despite the evidence, they told me to look up the term Dunning–Kruger effect. They assume knowing is understanding, less capable people cannot comprehend what it means to think outside the box because they must outside to think.
Motion Graphics
2D motion graphics animated in 3D space, I can do the entire process in just one free software called, yes it is open-source and has 20 years of development history. No branded software can match its robust feature with tons of video tutorials on YouTube.
At this point, many would have tried every affordable marketing method and those who are new will repeat the same process, no single success story can last nor be repeatable because a limited Ad budget will lose to circumstantial randomness against time.
After 30 years, many practices have reached their tipping point and everything around us is improvement products, some are new and Web3D is the current web standard. The software arrived in 2018 and I am the first few who is able to adopt-create-deploy commercial publications with it, while others are overwhelmed by it.
3D production is very cumbersome and complicated, apart from the technicalities, it requires talent in multiple fields and that is the reason why you have not seen or know anyone who can handle the whole process. Talent can be acquired through practice but creative judgment comes from accumulated instincts.